Climate Citizens
10th November 2020

The UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. How will people respond to this challenge? What scope is there for people to live their lives differently, and how can government enable this shift? How can citizens work with government, to shape a climate strategy that works for them?

Climate Citizens, a new research initiative enabled by a UKRI-funded Fellowship, investigates citizen engagement in energy and climate governance (here’s the website). It will use deliberative methodologies, bringing citizens together with experts to develop new understandings of the role of the individual in governance, and to co-design » Continue Reading.

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How do politicians understand and respond to climate change?
12th October 2018

With the IPCC’s latest report showing the urgent need for action on climate change, attention has turned once again to that tricky issue of ‘political will’. In the words of Christiana Figueres, previously head of the UN’s climate body, there is “an acute need for speed, radical collaboration, and more visionary political leadership”.

But what do the politicians themselves think? What does the deceptively simple phrase ‘political will’ mean to elected representatives, who are called on to act?

This is a question I have been studying since 2014, in a collaborative research project with Lancaster University and Green Alliance. » Continue Reading.

Understanding political responses to climate change: A collaborative research project with Lancaster University
2nd March 2015
In 2009, I helped to establish Green Alliance’s Climate Leadership Programme, which since then, has worked with politicians to develop their understanding of climate change, and what it means for their role at both national and constituency level.

But how do politicians navigate climate change? How do they understand the issue, and how do they decide what to do about it?

In a collaboration between Lancaster University and Green Alliance, I’m now conducting research to gain a deeper understanding of climate politics, and how to support politicians in their efforts to tackle the issue.

Funded by the Economic and Social » Continue Reading.